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About Amber Elias

I'm a lawyer and a writer, traveler, eater, constant reader. I am an alum of the first Novel Incubator class. Depending on the day you ask, my novel is either an endless Sisyphean nightmare or a consuming labor of love. I live in Somerville with my husband and my kid.

Take Your Time

It wasn’t so long ago that I was a person who kept her calendar in stone. I did not flake, bail, ghost, disappear, get busy, or “forget.” If I said I was going, I went. Period. End of story. I was that…

Great Endings, From The Beginning

I did a dumb thing this week. After swearing up and down for months that we were going to get rid of cable, my husband and I finally pulled the trigger. Because who needs it? Waste of money.  Bigger waste of time….

The Benefits of Being A Beginner

I am not, and have never been, an artist. I was still in braces when I took my last art class, and I’m pretty sure my mother quietly tossed the results as soon as I moved out of the house. Still,…

DIY Retreat: Rev Up Your New Writing Year

December is a minefield of writing distractions—parties, presents, way too much egg nog, and not nearly enough silent nights. Fortunately, January is the antidote. The indulgent holiday spirit is replaced with a refreshed sense of discipline, ambition, and self-improvement. What’s that you say? You didn’t start…