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About Amber Elias

I'm a lawyer and a writer, traveler, eater, constant reader. I am an alum of the first Novel Incubator class. Depending on the day you ask, my novel is either an endless Sisyphean nightmare or a consuming labor of love. I live in Somerville with my husband and my kid.

The Start-Up of Your Novel

Rolling my eyes is my instantaneous, often involuntary, response to things that are irritating, tedious, or patently ridiculous. And the things that make my roll my eyes so hard that I may need hospitalization are self-help books and LinkedIn. So…

That Person

Someday, someone you know will get their novel published.  If you take enough workshops and hang around with people who write long enough, it’s almost inevitable.  If you’re lucky, it will be a truly lovely human being who has serious…