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Bonnie Waltch is the award-winning senior producer and writer of the one-hour PBS and international broadcast documentary, "Earth Emergency," and series of five short films, "Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops," narrated by Richard Gere. She has worked for a variety of television science series such as NOVA, Scientific American Frontiers, and Discover Magazine. She has produced, directed, and written films for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the Pikes Peak Visitor Center, the Tennessee State Museum, the Mob Museum, and the National World War II Museum, among others. She is currently in production for a broadcast documentary film about the bipolar spectrum called BrainStorm. She is also working on a novel that takes place in Newton, Mass. in 1962.

YA Wednesday: Embracing and Escaping Trump

Try as I might, I cannot stop thinking about the consequences of a Trump presidency. And clearly many of us are in the same boat, what with all the drum-beating, march-planning, and blooming activism in all corners of the country….

YA Wednesday: Politics as Usual?

Along with many of us, my teenage son and daughter and their friends felt their hopes and dreams dashed with the election of Donald Trump. Word is if only millenials had voted, Hillary would’ve won by a landslide. Well, wake…

YA Wednesday: The Politics of Hate

Unlike 1969, dubbed the “summer of love,” I would label 2016 the “summer of hate.” Between gun violence, shootings of unarmed civilians and police, violent demonstrations against such incidents, and the Orlando massacre here in the U.S., and terrorist attacks…

YA Wednesday: Matters of Race

After the horrific events of this past week, the blogosphere is buzzing with posts about race in America and the Black Lives Matter movement. When I was a kid, there weren’t a lot of books tackling issues of race, identity,…