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About Laura Roper

Laura Roper is working on an historical novel and is a current Novel Incubator student. She works in the field of international development as a nonprofit management consultant, although her appetite for adventure isn't what it once was. She lives in Somerville, but spends a good deal of time on the Cape and on the road.

Exploring Character Through Memoir

Fiction readers expect more of characters than they do of people in real life. In life you can have a person who does inexplicable self-destructive or transgressive shit, and friends and colleagues just shake their heads and say, “Oh, that’s…

The Thrill of Discovery, The Agony of the Fact

I decided to write a historical novel because I wanted to get completely out of my day-to-day life and contemporary everything—terrorism, the failure of capitalism, modern marriage, childhood and adolescence, politics, racism, climate change, you name it. Did I have…