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About Sharissa Jones

Sharissa Jones hails from rural Nebraska, growing up on a farm that is fifty miles from the nearest McDonald's and somehow her fiction always ends up back on the plains. She is a member of the 2015 Grub Street Novel Incubator class and is currently working on a novel about a wrongful conviction set in, of course, Nebraska. Sharissa lives in Cambridge, MA with her husband and two young daughters.

To Writers, Especially White Ones

You are going to get it wrong. It is as fundamental to the craft as rejection, procrastination and gravity. A pursuit that requires you to put yourself into the heart and brain of another human being will lead you to…

Writing the Aftermath

“I just want to understand what the character is feeling.” If you’re playing writing workshop bingo, this statement should be the center square, guaranteed to come up in every class when discussing a work’s emotional apex. Sometimes off-base, yes, but…