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Next Chapters: Hilary Isabelle Lahan

Having grown up in Singapore, Kenya, Taiwan, and Jordan, Hilary Lahan can tell you what it’s like to be a “third culture kid.” She also played percussion and steelpan in college ensembles and minored in ethnomusicology. Talk to her about teaching Zumba or dancing in parades!

Meet Nancy Crochiere, Author of GRACELAND

In Nancy Crochiere’s hilarious debut, Graceland, a single mom is forced to chase her Elvis-obsessed mother and pink-haired teenaged daughter from Boston to Memphis to stop them from revealing a long-held secret. This madcap road-trip novel will make you laugh…

Happy New Year from Dead Darlings!

As this difficult year comes to a close, we at Dead Darlings would like to thank everyone who brought light into our lives by making 2021 so great for readers and writers…from the helpful publicists to our talented bloggers to…