Friday Feast: If Barnes & Noble Goes out of Business, Does Swag Sell, What Makes a Good Workshop Citizen, Reasons Why an Agent Said No to 25 Queries, and 13 Soothing Books

Barnes-NobleAuthor and fellow site editor Emily Ross sent me this week’s link about Barnes & Noble and shared her thoughts: “After appearing in so many of them, I’ve grown to like them a great deal, and realize that the people who work there are true book lovers who work hard to reach readers. The local ones have been very good to me. And as the article says, they do buy volumes of books, and in some sense keep many authors afloat. But then the article ends on a snobby line, implying that B&N is essential because it promotes literary fiction and without that we’d drown in a ‘sea of pulp.'” Quelle horror!

We were with you until you dissed everything but literary fiction, New Republic. Discuss.


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