Friday Feast: Good Writing Workshop Citizens, How Winds of Winter Can Be Published in Three Months, Writing Routines, Warning Labels, and Bookish Hotels

Source: Book Riot

I’ve long dreamed of embarking on a small group adventure with friends to a far-flung destination. Now that I’ve learned about The Wonderland House from Book Riot, my destination plans have changed. “This huge, themed, Regency house by the seafront is spread over 5 floors and accommodates 24 people with 6 bedrooms, lounge, banqueting/dining room, 2 kitchens, 3 shower rooms, a W.C and patio.” Now, I just need to find 17 more friends to fill the teacup chairs at the Enchanted Table in the Madhatter Dining Room.

  • Novel Incubator instructor Michelle Hoover offers her tips on The Making of a Good Writing Workshop Citizen: A Crash Course in Humanity, Bullet-Point Style. “You are not superior or inferior to any other writer, no matter how many accolades or publications these writers might have under their belt or how few. We are all in the same mess, working toward the same goal. Be good to those who share the journey with you. They may have their faults, but they are writers too.”
  • Regarding George R. R. Martin’s missed deadline, he wrote: “[My publishers] already had contingencies in place. They had made plans to speed up production. If I could deliver WINDS OF WINTER by the end of the year, they told me, they could still get it out before the end of March.” How Could The Winds of Winter Be Published In Only Three Months? Tor explains their step-by-step book production process.
  • Rebecca Makkai provides detailed information on her writing routine, such as: “It’s really pretty great. I sit at my computer, and I check Facebook for, like, ten minutes. Okay, haha, twenty minutes. And then I write. Sometimes I outline, sometimes I do research. Once, I bribed myself with M&Ms to get through my edits.”
  • They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so next time you want to leave a Goodreads or Amazon review but can’t find the words, feel free to use one of these Warning Labels. Big fan of “Excessive Use of Passive Voice.”
  • The best kind of lovers are the literary lovers, and literary lovers can indulge themselves in these 10 Great Bookish Hotels. Eloise! Harry Potter! Alice in Wonderland! More!

Speaking of the Novel Incubator: If you’re working on a novel draft and would like to be considered for the Incubator, click here to apply now. The deadline is this Monday, February 15th, and partial and full scholarships are available!

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