Friday Feast: Ratings, Addicts, Classics and Bad Words

Brooklyn99Insider-Terry Crews-Eating Packing PeanutsMmm, urgh, enm. So many goodies out there on the interwebs this week, friends. Feast upon some of our favorite links for the week!

blood-dropBook Rating Categories That Should Exist (Because Star Ratings Can Be Useless) by Natalie Meyer. My 5-star book ratings fall into the category “You Probably Think I’m Weird for Liking This.”

blood-dropThe Bitch in My Book by Stephanie Feldman on navigating the challenges of her “unlikable” female protagonist. Also, we tend to like any article with the word “bitch” in it.

blood-dropHeroes and Heroin – Writing a Character Who Has an Addiction by Roz Morris. A checklist to create characters “in the grip of a demonic addiction, whether illegal drugs, alcohol or a habit such as gambling.” Because it’s awkward to ask your friends and family about their addictions.

blood-dropItalo Calvino Offers 14 Reasons We Should Read the Classics by Josh Jones. This article reminded us of the value of the classics especially in these times of sound bites and social media.

blood-dropCrap Someone Should Have Told You Writers By Now by Rebecca T. Dickson, who imparts wisdom such as:  You may never feel good about what you write. Write anyway. It’s better to lack confidence. Shitty writers always think they’re great.

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