Friday Feast: The Publishing Biz, MFAs and Crime (Writing)

Jack-Donaghy-Pouring-Alcohol-Loop-30-RockThis week, sobering articles on the business of publishing and the questionable value of creative writing MFAs left me needing a stiff drink and wanting to turn to a life of crime (writing that is). Luckily, I also stumbled on a couple of links that made me remember that I love to write.

So here are your links. Cheers!

blood-dropThe Profit Margin of Error by Chris McCrudden. Thoughts on the baffling economics of the modern book business.

blood-dropWhen Not “Earning Out” is a Good Thing by Shawn Coyne. Not sure I understand all of this, but I do understand that it’s not good news for most writers.

blood-drop27 Writers on Whether or Not to Get Your MFA  by Elisabeth Donnelly. If you’re considering an MFA in creative writing you should check out what these writers have to say about it first.

blood-dropThe Magic Building Where English Majors Work: Making Sense of Creative Writing’s Job Problem by Cathy Day. More bad news on job prospects for writers [I think I need to make myself that drink now.]

blood-dropWhy today’s most exciting crime novelists are women by Laura Miller. Gloom and doom aside there are still great novels being written, including some super crime novels by women.

blood-dropAction Scenes 101 (or making things go boom real good) by Wendy Wagner. If you’re like me and you write because you love it and don’t care how grim the prospects of quitting your day job are, this article has some great advice on how to make things happen in your book.



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