Happy New Year from Dead Darlings!

As this difficult year comes to a close, we at Dead Darlings would like to thank everyone who brought light into our lives by making 2021 so great for readers and writers…from the helpful publicists to our talented bloggers to all the authors we interviewed who so graciously shared their insights and advice. We brought you award winners from big publishing houses, self-published debut authors, and everyone in between. Even a few authors who graduated from our very own Grub Street Novel Incubator program. We covered every genre of novel from middle-grade to YA fantasy, literary fiction to romantic comedy, historical fiction to mystery and crime thrillers. Truly, something for everyone. On top of that, we posted a slew of articles and essays on the craft of writing that we hope inspired you to keep going on your own writing project. Most of all, we’d like to thank you, our readers. We wouldn’t be here without you. Please keep reading!

If you’re looking for great reads for 2022, here are a few of the many wonderful interviews we did last year.

Interview with Desmond Hall, Author of Your Corner Dark
Meet Maggie Shipstead, Author of Great Circle
Meet NEAL SHUSTERMAN, Author of GAME CHANGER—and 30 other books!
Interview with Julie Carrick Dalton, Author of Waiting for the Night Song
Meet B. B. Alston, Author of Amari and the Night Brother
Meet Ted Flanagan, Author of Every Hidden Thing
Adam Silvera Talks Harry Potter, X-Men, And His New Novel, Infinity Reaper
Meet Katherine Sherbrooke, Author of Leaving Coy’s Hill
Meet Clea Simon, Author of Hold Me Down
Victoria Aveyard Talks About World Building, Lord of the Rings, and her New Novel Realm Breaker
Meet P.J. Vernon, Author of Bath Haus
Interview with Penni Jones, Author of Suicide Souls

Here’s to 2022, lots of new novels…and not too many Dead Darlings!

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