A Hero’s Journey to Operational Excellence and Organizational Agility

As we start the last month of the third quarter, my challenge is to help each of you, my characters, make sure your part of the story delivers to its year-end manuscript completion goals. This is a critical point in the year to ensure that the apotheosis we set out to achieve is quantified, aligned, and coordinated.

As discussed in the last All Hands, the Novel’s target of reaching the Initiation stage by the end of this year has hit some roadblocks and many characters have raised questions regarding Manuscript Leadership’s commitment to the journey. As we take a deep dive into our operational plan and define how we allocate resources to reach our short-term quest objectives, Manuscript Leadership urges you, characters, to ask yourself: Am I refusing the call?

If the answer is Yes, then it may be time to review your role-specific objectives and consider whether they are critical to the story’s success. We may need to discuss redeployment to a more appropriate threshold guardian.

If the answer is No, then it is possible that you are trapped in the belly of the whale and that Manuscript Leadership has failed to present you with the artifacts that you need for your P&L’s tests and ordeals.

As mentioned in the All Hands, the Novel strives to create a better character experience and to encourage character engagement. Manuscript Leadership is committed to supporting you as you navigate the labyrinth of backlog that is preventing you from securing your agreed-upon deliverables.

As we cross the threshold into becoming a more agile organization, we may experience unsustainable velocity and momentary abandonment of our brand synergies, but I am confident that by leveraging our dynamic capabilities we will arrive at the land of trials in early Q2, glimpse the majesty of Being, and attain the goal of gaining the ultimate boon by Q4 of next year.

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