Virtual Book Tour Debut: Aaron Jackson,The Astonishing Life of August March

Give us the elevator pitch for your book.

The Astonishing Life of August March is a quirky, comedic, coming of age novel about a boy who was born and raised in a New York City theater during the middle of the 20th century.

What were your plans for book launch pre-Covid?

I’m also a comedian, so I was most excited for the book release show I had scheduled at Joe’s Pub, a fun, cool venue in New York City. I was going to do different comedic readings and songs and all sorts of other nonsense. But, it’s been rescheduled for sometime in August. The show must go on, etcetera.

Where were you when you heard your book tour/ launch was cancelled?

I was in Colorado visiting family when the sky fell, so it was nice to be around a supportive loving group of people. Certainly softened the blow.

What went into writing and selling your book?

Ten million drafts? I was lucky to already have an agent through my acting/television and film writing who helped me get my book agent, so the selling and representation side of things (which can be so difficult) was smoothed over a bit for me. But the writing process was long and hard but also fun?

What is the weirdest job you held on your path to publication?

I’ve had countless odd gigs. I once participated in a flash mob at an MRI conference in Orlando, Florida, singing MRI-specific parody lyrics to ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart.’ The hotel had live alligators in it. That was a weird job.

What do you want readers to take away from your book?

I hope readers find laughter and escapism in my book and also fall in love with the characters. I do so love the characters.

What’s your favorite Indie Book store?

Three Lives and Company in NYC.

Can you recommend one other debut?

It’s a few years old at this point but I love INTIMACY IDIOT by Isaac Oliver. A more recent pic would be SAINT X by Alexis Schaitkin. EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU by Celeste Ng is incredible but I’m actually too jealous of that book to recommend it. Please redact.

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