Virtual Book Tour Debut: Brooke Fossey, The Big Finish

“A funny, witty caper filled with charm and unexpected friendship.”–Helen Simonson, New York Times bestselling author of Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand

“[A] delightful debut…. A completely logical yet somehow unexpected ending will leave readers smiling—and looking forward to Fossey’s next effort.”–Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)

Give us the elevator pitch for your book.

Set in an assisted living home, THE BIG FINISH is about an 88-year-old man named Duffy Sinclair who must face his past and reconsider his future when a desperate young woman climbs through his window.

What were your plans for book launch pre-Covid?

These are strange times, for sure! Before the epidemic, I had some really great engagements planned. First on the agenda: a private launch hosted by Interabang Books, with a guest list that included my family, friends and writing pals. Next, a public launch in partnership with the flagship Half Price Books in Dallas. Soon after, I had an event in Houston with Murder by the Book. Even some of my later events – all the way through June – are cancled, but my biggest disappointment is simply not being able to see the book in a store. I think every debut author dreams of passing a stranger in the aisle and pointing to the book in their hand, saying, “I wrote that.” Ah, well. C’est la vie! One day soon, hopefully.

Where were you when you heard your book tour/ launch was cancelled?

I was actually hiking with my family in the Arizona wilderness when I found out everything had been cancelled. We were three hours into the hike, finally on our way down to cell service, and so I checked my phone. You know, in retrospect, it’s not a bad memory. At that moment, my view of the mountains was ridiculous, and when my husband realized I had stopped walking to have a good cry, he called our four kids back (they were ahead of us), and everyone gave me a hug. Little me in a big world with a lot of love. How’s that for on-the-spot perspective.

What went into writing and selling your book?

Here’s a running list of all the things that happened between the moment I decided to write a book and THE BIG FINISH release day, nearly 10 years later: 6 different manuscripts, 500-ish rejections, about 1,000,000 words, my fourth child, an honorary lifetime membership to DFW Writers’ Workshop, and a ton of new, life-long friendships.

What is the weirdest job you held on your path to publication?

Hm. Well, for a few years at the beginning of my journey, I coached girls junior high lacrosse. After my fourth kiddo, I transitioned to freelance copywriting, which meant I wrote almost anything for anyone, including political parties and divorce lawyers.

What do you want readers to take away from your book?

If they’re younger, I’d love for them to come away from the book with a deep appreciation for their youth and their grandparents. If they’re middle aged, I’d love for them to see their future with less fear. If they’re older, I really hope they feel seen; seniors deserve to see themselves in fiction as the heroes of the story.

What’s your favorite Indie Book store?

Just one?! I couldn’t possibly. Interabang Books and Deep Vellum Books, both in Dallas.

Can you recommend one other debut?

Yes! My good friend Leslie Lutz has her debut book coming out May 5, 2020. FRACTURED TIDE (Blink). It’s Lost meets Stranger Things.

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