YA Wednesday: YA Comes of Age, Threesomes are Trending, and a Quiz

Wednesday-Addams-Gettin-DownHurray  it’s  Wednesday! You got through Monday and Tuesday. But if, like Wednesday Addams, you’re full of woe, because Friday still seems sooooooooo far away, no worries.

To make the week go faster, Dead Darlings is introducing  YA Wednesday. We’ll use this space every Wednesday to bring you some of the best YA links we’ve found from scouring the interwebs. So let’s get the party started with links about who should read YA (everyone!), some new trends, and a quiz, because it’s Wednesday and you need some fun.

  • Wondering what all the fuss is about? How Young Adult Fiction Came of Age chronicles YA’s surge in popularity, and why it’s not just for “12-year-olds smashing piggy banks.”
  • YA isn’t all about vampires and dystopias. In fact according to this, the hot new YA trend is threesomes.
  • If threesomes and love triangles make you squirmy, and you’re feeling like hiding in a corner with the french onion dip right about now, live vicariously via the Young Rebels of Fiction.
  • Now that you’re a YA expert, test your super-powers by taking this quiz to see if you can tell the difference between excerpts from classic literature and young adult novels (we failed!)

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