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About Andrea Meyer

Andrea Meyer has written creative treatments for commercial directors, a sex and the movies column for IFC, and a horror movie for MGM. Her first novel, Room for Love (St. Martin’s Press) is a romantic comedy based on an article she wrote for the New York Post, for which she pretended to look for a roommate as a ploy to meet men. She completed her second novel—about a marriage reeling from unemployment, house renovations, and infertility sex—in GrubStreet's Novel Incubator program. A long-time film and entertainment journalist, Andrea has interviewed more actors and directors than she can remember. Her articles and essays have appeared in such publications as Elle, Glamour, Variety, Modern Loss, Interview, Pangyrus, and the Boston Globe. She teaches fiction and creative non-fiction writing at GrubStreet and is currently completing a literary romp about a Cambridge “manny” and the women whose lives he throws into chaos.