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About E. B. Moore

E. B. Moore is a metal sculptor turned writer. Her chapbook of poems, New Eden, A Legacy, (Finishing Line Press, 2009) served as the foundation for her novel, An Unseemly Wife (NAL/Penguin). These writings are based on family stories from her Amish roots in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Ms Moore graduated from Grub Street’s Novel Incubator and has received full fellowships to The Vermont Studio Center and Yaddo. Her second novel, Stones in the Road (NAL/Penguin Random House) comes out 9/6/15. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Training The Un-amusing Muse

“Toz, where the frog are you now?” That’s me foaming at the mouth yesterday morning. But frog—really? My daughter’s been sanitizing my language. Without swearing, I can find Waldo in his red striped hat, no matter how well he hides….

Of Titles and Sound Bites

A title says a lot about a person. If you use the wrong prefix, better watch out. Address a woman as Mrs. instead of Ms, her hackles could rise. Confuse a five star General with a General Factotum, and the…