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About Helen Bronk

Helen Bronk completed Grub Street’s Novel Incubator in 2016 and continues work on her novel, Trotamundos, an inverted immigration story set in Cusco, Peru. She has traveled throughout Central and South America. Now a professional grantwriter, she spends too much of her spare time reading.

Potluck Advice: The Search for an Agent

On a recent winter night—dark but not stormy—a dozen writers at various points in their novels gathered over chicken pot pie, roasted vegetables, spinach salad with grapefruit, and chocolate cookies to swap stories and advice about finding a good agent….

Author Interview with Elizabeth Poliner

Centered around what happens to one family during the summer of 1948, Elizabeth Poliner’s first novel, As Close to Us as Breathing, is a story of loss—whether sudden or creeping—and of memories layered in time. Narrator Molly sifts through mid-life…