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About Kim Libby

Kim Libby is 2015 graduate of the Novel Incubator Program, and she is at work revising her first novel: a work of historical fiction set in her native state of Maine. Kim has taught English Literature/Writing for eleven years, including one year as the Writer-in-Residence at St. Albans School in Washington, D.C. She currently teaches at Noble & Greenough, an independent school in Dedham, MA.

Taking a Lesson from Moonlight

A few weeks ago, when I walked out of the theater after seeing Moonlight, I experienced a feeling akin to what I felt three days ago when I closed the cover of Zadie Smith’s Swing Time and sat back and…

Ordinary Time

“First Sunday in Ordinary Time…” Saturday evening. Five-o’clock mass. I am eight. Squished into a pew between one of my brothers and my mother. Half-listening to the priest while I watch the last of the slush drop off the rubber…