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About Shalene Gupta

Shalene Gupta is a writer and journalist. She’s the author of The Cycle: Confronting the Pain of Periods and PMDD, and co-author of The Power of Trust. In the past she’s been a financial specialist for the Department of Treasury, a reporter for Fortune, a researcher at Harvard Business School, and taught English in Malaysia on a Fulbright scholarship. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, ESPN, Fast Company, Fortune and Harvard Business Review among other places. She was awarded a Fulbright scholarship and is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School and Johns Hopkins. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Embracing Writer’s Hygge

It is bleak midwinter, the days are short and dark, and the writing woes loom large. Rejections are piled up at your door thicker than the snowdrifts, the writer’s block is larger than the pyramids of Giza, or you just…