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About Shi Naseer

Chinese-Australian-Pakistani writer Shi Naseer has lived in nine countries and backpacked to over seventy. She recently moved with her husband and young son from Sweden to the USA and spends her winters in Pakistan. She aims to connect people by telling stories from different cultures. Her debut, The Cry of the Silkworm, is forthcoming in June 2024 with Atlantic Books/Allen&Unwin. A coming-of-age and revenge story of a young girl in turn-of-the-century China, it reveals the devastating consequences of the one-child policy. Shi Naseer holds a PhD in theoretical physics from Harvard University. Visit her at

That Western Lens That Filters Our Words

At the Muse and the Marketplace conference a few days ago, someone said American publishers were looking for stories not filtered through the American lens. I almost laughed out loud. Well said, but it was a false statement. I wasn’t…

So You’re Not Racist, What Next?

In this day and age, as a female “person of color” living in a first-world country, I have many opportunities to indulge in the love of Western progressives. Nonetheless, I invite you to look at the big picture, to stop…