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Meet Kasey LeBlanc, Author of Flyboy

“No one knows where the Midnight Circus comes from—when it began or how…It comes for those who need it.” So opens Kasey LeBlanc’s debut novel, Flyboy, beckoning those who need a magical refuge as much as does the novel’s fierce…

Novel Incubator’s Very Good Year

2023 was a very good year for Novel Incubator.  Eleven alums were published and more are waiting in the wings for 2024. Looking for a good read to welcome the new year? Here are the Novel Incubator books that came…

Next Chapters: Timothy Deer

Growing up in rural Vermont, Timothy Deer was a local star in the fast-paced world of competitive jump rope. Later, his fame grew to include such starring roles as “man at airport” in a major motion picture and “palace guard” in various productions with Boston Ballet.