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Into, Well…the Abyss

Into the Valley, by Ruth Galm, a 272 page novel, might be of interest to aspiring novelists for two reasons; one, it’s a terrific novel. And two, Ms. Galm’s manuscript was rejected over sixty times before she finally got it…

YA Wednesday: Embracing and Escaping Trump

Try as I might, I cannot stop thinking about the consequences of a Trump presidency. And clearly many of us are in the same boat, what with all the drum-beating, march-planning, and blooming activism in all corners of the country….

Friday Feast: A Cooling Mist of NaNoWriMo Flavored Novel Writing Advice, How to Review a Trans Book as a Cis Person, Taking Your Writing Deeper, a Reading Guide for Those in Despair about American Politics, and Why Book Pre-Orders Matter

Sometimes, you think: there’s no way I’ll meet this deadline. My brain is fried. My eyes burns. My motivation is at a low point. My fingers feel like fists on the keyboard. And then something magical happens. 12 hours later,…