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Our Favorite Reads 2019

Whether it’s your mother complaining you look too tired/thin/fat/overworked or that one brother-in-law insisting he’s found the perfect unicorn investment to sink your life savings into (all $250 of it!), it seems like everyone has an opinion this time of…

Three Part Harmony

The dreams authors secretly dream about the journey to publication can be outsized, even grandiose. In our imaginations, top agents clamor to be The One. We dream of the auction, of the money raining down, the praise and starred reviews,…

Insider Tips for Debut Authors from Indie Bookstores

November 24 is Small Business Saturday. In honor of the event, we talked with our favorite small businesses…independent bookstores. Of course, publishers, publicity agents, reviews, Goodreads, and Amazon all play an important role in promoting debut authors and driving sales….