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Get Your Novel Out of Sweatpants

If there’s one thing we can all agree on this year, it’s that sweatpants are pretty great. Maybe we didn’t appreciate them enough pre-pandemic. Maybe we had an old pair from college, tucked away for years, that we now realize…

Virtual Book Tour Debut: Rishi Reddi, Passage West

“Reddi’s Steinbeck-ian tale adds a valuable contribution to the stories of immigrants in California.” –Publishers Weekly “Reddi’s richly imagined, character-driven novel sheds light on a little-known history of Indians in the U.S. and surprisingly echoes current events.” –Booklist

From my Pod to Yours

Long before I was relearning fifth-grade math at our local “faux-school,” I was a fan of writerly podcasts. I devoured audio craft lessons and author interviews with the hopes they would crack open plot issues, shed light on the mysteries…