Novel Incubator’s Very Good Year

2023 was a very good year for Novel Incubator.  Eleven alums were published and more are waiting in the wings for 2024.

Looking for a good read to welcome the new year? Here are the Novel Incubator books that came out in 2023.



A multicultural teen struggles to fit into her elite prep school, her diverse Queens neighborhood, and even her own home. A hilarious, poignant, and powerful YA novel from the award-winning author of Re Jane.

ATOMIC ANNA (paperback) by Rachel Barenbaum

From the author of A Bend in the Stars, an epic adventure as three generations of women work together and travel through time to prevent the Chernobyl disaster and right the wrongs of their past.

THE LAST BEEKEEPER by Julie Carrick Dalton

The Last Beekeeper is a celebration of found family, an exploration of truth versus power, and the triumph of hope in the face of despair.


Loose in the Bright Fantastic is a beautifully written novel that will be of interest to readers of women’s fiction and family dramas, particularly those who are dealing with “sandwich generation” issues of caring both for growing children and aging parents.

GRACELAND by Nancy Crochiere

Graceland is a sparkling, warm-hearted, witty debut. I so enjoyed joining these three generations of women on their action-packed road trip to Memphis!” –Liane Moriarty

THE HUNT by Kelly J. Ford

From the author of Real Bad Things and Cottonmouths, a Los Angeles Review Best Book of 2017, comes the darkly suspenseful tale of a small-town Easter tradition and its murderous secrets.

PAPER PLANES by Jennie Wood (Author), Dozerdraws (Illustrator)

“Creators Wood and Dozerdraws are, like Dylan, both nonbinary, adding empathic, multilayered nuance to their exceptional collaboration.” ― Booklist, STARRED REVIEW

HOUSE OF CARAVANS by Shilpi Suneja

A marvelous debut novel exploring the fractures caused by the Partition of India, as well as the legacy and contemporary parallels of sectarian violence around the world.

JUST LIZZIE by Karen Wilfrid

In this beautifully written contemporary middle grade debut, an eighth grader’s study of asexuality in science class leads her to understand her own asexual identity as she embarks on a journey toward self-discovery and self-advocacy.

RAPTURE by Reid Sherline (Winner of the Harvard Review Chapbook Prize. )

“Packs the punch of a 300-page novel. The writing is exquisite and the story a brutal and beautiful exploration of the devastating extent a child will go to find an approximation of security and love and a sense of meaning.”
— Lily King, author of Writers & Lovers and Euphoria

KELLY MARIE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU by Michael Giddings (winner of the Cupboard Pamphlet’s 2022 Annual Contest)

Winner of the Cupboard Pamphlet’s 2022 Annual Contest, Michael Giddings’ Kelly Marie Wants to Talk to You asks us to consider what shapes our love can take—and what slips into existence in the aftermath.




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