YA Wednesday: Twitter accounts for Book Lovers, 7 YA Book Vloggers, Snapchat for YA Writers, 25 Top Bookstagram Accounts, How to Create a Beautiful Bookstagram

On Thursday 1/12 I’ll be taking over the @YoungEntmag (Young Entertainment)  twitter account from 4-6 PM EST and tweeting and answering your questions about publishing and writing firsts, my book Half in Love with Death, and more! Please follow @YoungEntmag  and join the twitter party to chat with me!

Taking over a twitter account is just one of many ways writers and readers can engage in conversations using social media. Here’s some other cool things going on in social-media-land.

  • It can be hard to find bookish tweets with all the other stuff raising eyebrows on Twitter lately but these 25 Twitter Accounts for Book Lovers to Follow can help you navigate Twitter’s increasingly shark-infested waters.
  • Rumor has it that YA book bloggers are being upstaged by Book Vloggers (i.e. bloggers on YouTube).  Learn more by checking out these 7 YA Book Vloggers You Need on Your Radar.
  • Most teens are not on Twitter or Facebook. They’re on Snapchat. If you write for young adults you might want to be on Snapchat too—at least until teens figure out you’re there and flee. Do You Write for Young Adults or Millenials? Then Try Snapchat will show you how to start using Snapchat and introduce you to some of the bookish folks on this platform.
  • Instagram is my favorite social media platform. Whether you’re a reader, writer, or simply like whiling away the hours looking a gorgeous book pictures, there are lots of incredible Bookstagrammers on Instagram. Here are 25 Top Bookstagram Accounts To Make You Crazy Jealous.
  • Initially I avoided Instagram because I am probably the world’s worst photographer, but Instagram is helping me become a better one and added bonus, I’m having fun!  How to Create a Beautiful Bookstagram helped me get started.



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