Friday Feast: Authors in the Red, Tips for Selling, Nine Editor Schedules, and a Handy Form for Asking Other Writers for Favors

My brain this week.

Apologies to the handful of folks who received the half-written Friday Feast yesterday (a Thursday). The Super Blood Moon, jet lag, deep fried corndogs*, and funnel cakes affected my ability to read the calendar and complete sentences.

But they did not dampen my enthusiasm for this week’s links, which are all about the money, money, money! And other stuff.


Special programming note:

If you live in the Greater Boston area, please join us next Tuesday, October 6 at Trident Booksellers and Cafe for the Craft on Draft reading series! Novel Incubator alum Stephanie Gayle and Patricia Park, along with Dead Darlings contributor and friend Anjali Mitter Duva, will discuss the importance of setting. Imagine Harry Potter without Hogwarts, Huck Finn on the Nile, or Beloved haunting Beijing. Settings animate the story. Hear our featured readers discuss why they chose their settings and how this influenced their novels.

* Pro tip: never, ever Google “corn dog” gif. It’s bad news.

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