Friday Feast: Writing Centers! Books! Gratitude! Hollywood Dreams!

ezgif-resize (1)Does everything hurt and you feel like you’re dying?*

It’s not you. It’s November.

Put on your rainbow-colored glasses and indulge in these positively positive lit links that will (maybe) trick your brain into believing that it’s a soft-serve-filled summer again and everything is awesome.



  • “As an article in The Rumpus called Why MFA? claims — to prioritize writing and gain literary insights from a supportive community, then there are far less costly and less traumatic alternatives.” Boston’s own GrubStreet gets a nod in this list of 13 amazing non-profit writing centers around the country.
  • Break out a hankie for this beautiful letter that Albert Camus wrote to his beloved former teacher after he won the Nobel Prize.
  • No agent, no publisher, no problem. Readers, Ridley Scott and Matt Damon are all over it. Andy Weir on his strange journey from self-publishing to Hollywood. [softly sings to self: Every night. I’ll be dreamin’, dreeeee-amin’. Hoping Ridley and Damon will be there… for my book… if I ever publish it.**]
  • Get cracking on those To Be Read lists. The National Book Foundation has declared that Jan. 24 will be National Readathon Day.
  • Our wanderlust continues this week. If you’re hitting the road for Thanksgiving or the shops for Black Friday (bless your hearts), be sure to veer onto the off-ramp for these 44 Great American bookstores along the way.


* Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation

** Thanks to Vanessa Williams for the earworm.

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