Friday Feast: A Cooling Mist of NaNoWriMo Flavored Novel Writing Advice, How to Review a Trans Book as a Cis Person, Taking Your Writing Deeper, a Reading Guide for Those in Despair about American Politics, and Why Book Pre-Orders Matter


Image credit: andres musta

Sometimes, you think: there’s no way I’ll meet this deadline. My brain is fried. My eyes burns. My motivation is at a low point. My fingers feel like fists on the keyboard. And then something magical happens. 12 hours later, after a marathon revision day, after restarting Word after 50 crashes and accidentally taking the Advil PM vs. the regular ole Advil, you reach the last page. It’s 11:45pm. You send an email to your fellow site editor saying there’s no way you’ll write a Friday Feast.

Then you wake up at 6am. You tool around on social media to see what you missed. And you end up writing the Friday Feast anyway because you are on fire. You are unstoppable. YOU ARE A BEAST AND NO AMOUNT OF WORK OR SLEEPTYIME MEDS CAN STOP YOU.

Taking bets on when I’ll crash. Until then, the links!



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