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If you’re like me, you could spend hours procrastinating by surfing the web. There’s so much great stuff out there to improve your craft, research that difficult-to-find subject matter, call forth one’s muse, find inspiration from others’ work! Yes, that amazing Internet can help with just about everything except writing the actual pages for you.

Since I’m starting a Pacemaker Planner challenge in a week to work on a new book, I was fishing around for websites to inspire me to get into a writing routine again, but along the way I found so much more. So, in the spirit of gearing up for diving in, I’ve compiled some online resources for writers that I found to be helpful.

Overall writing blogs

Self Publishing School’s Best Writing Blogs

The Write Life’s 100 Best Websites for Writers 2019

Reedsy’s Best Writing Websites 2019

Ten Online Resources for Creative Writers

Writer’s Digest’s Top 7 Sites to Fuel Your Creativity

Writing Podcasts

I don’t know about you, but I love listening to writing podcasts. I listen when I’m doing busy work around the house or taking a walk, even to help me fall asleep at night. There’s a wealth of podcasts for writers out there – here’s a great list for starters:

The Write Life – Writing Podcasts

Writing Software Recommendations

Writers are always looking for good tools to help them write. Here are some sites with recommendations for novel writing software:

Novel Writing Help’s Recommendations

Self Publishing School’s Recommendations

Top Ten Review’s Recommendations

Reedsy’s Recommendations

Novel Research

We all need help with research for our novels, right? Here are some good resources for that:

The 10 Free Resources Every Writer Needs

7 Great Online Research Resources for Writers

Best Research Sites for Writers

Research Tools Every Writer Needs

Writerly Advice

Finally, looking for general writer to writer advice about a variety of issues? You can find it here:

Writers Helping Writers

Good luck & happy hunting!



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