YA Wednesday: Politics as Usual?

Along with many of us, my teenage son and daughter and their friends felt their hopes and dreams dashed with the election of Donald Trump. Word is if only millenials had voted, Hillary would’ve won by a landslide. Well, wake up all you youngsters (at least those of you 14 and older)! Your time will come in four years. We’re depending on you! In the meantime, here are some links to get you inspired to jump into the political fray.

• At the Huffington Post, YA writer Jenn Marie Thorne, author of The Inside of Out, talks LGBT rights and ethical campaigning, and offers advice on how teens can get more involved in politics.

• For the young kids in your life, consider teaching them about elections using these books to help

• With Trump in office, these YA novels may offer hope to young feminists.

• Does teen fiction have a duty to represent real life politics? A Guardian teen reviewer ponders the question.

• Over at the Guardian’s Children’s Books section, another writer wonders why YA books about politics are always dystopian.

• According to the New York Times, grit is returning to YA novels. Maybe it’s time for young readers to embrace true grit and get moving to improve things for their generation and the ones to follow.

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