Calling All Authors Launching Novels this Month…Dead Darlings Virtual Book Tour Starts Now!


Your novel is about to be published. Yay! All that hard work is finally paying off. Your first reading is announced, your launch party guests are invited, your coast-to-coast book tour is scheduled…and then, a worldwide pandemic strikes. All bets are off.

Your launch party, your tour dates, your radio interviews and book club meetings, all cancelled. You’re devastated. Dead Darlings wants to help.

Starting now, Dead Darlings is hosting a Virtual Book Tour for authors releasing novels this month and next. If you are an author who’s book tour has been cancelled because of the public health crisis, we’d love to help promote your book. Why? Because, we writers have to stick together. It’s hard enough to finish a novel, secure an agent, and sell your book to a publisher without a pandemic getting in the way of your launch.

Email us now at We’ll send you a few interview questions about your novel and get the word out to our readers. Even if your entire tour wasn’t cancelled, but your novel launched in 2020, we’re happy to help. So please reach out. Also, feel free share this opportunity on social media with author friends and publishers.

The good news is, since many of us are stuck inside our homes for the time being, many people will be looking for a good read. Let’s make sure they know about yours!

Of course, our hearts go out to the many people seriously affected by this virus. Our health and the health of our families is more important than nearly anything else, but for many writers, seeing our novel do well out in the world is probably a close second! We hope to hear from you.

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